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Roger Goodells Lösung für das Gehirnerschütterungsproblem: Kopf im Sand vergraben

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The NFL seems to be in a difficult position when it comes to the health and safety of its players.

In recent coverage of unsealed statements related to the league settling a concussion lawsuit, Front Office Sports said that the NFL „is capable of addressing the causation issue“ while simultaneously not wanting to admit that playing football could lead to lifelong cognitive problems.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell questioned the link between concussions during sports and long-term brain damage.

One of the insurance companies suing to avoid covering the costs of the 2016 settlement – which paid $1.3 billion in damages to thousands of former players – says the NFL should not have settled because, in their view, there are no scientific evidence of a causal link between concussions and brain damage, according to FOS.

Even if the causal link is not scientifically proven, it is widely acknowledged that both single and repeated mild traumatic brain injuries (e.g., concussions) can have short-term effects that increase the risk of long-term neurodegenerative diseases such as CTE or Alzheimer’s.

The league has even acknowledged the rise in concussions within the sport.

„The league’s position remains unchanged. The health and safety of the players has been, and will continue to be, a top priority for the NFL, as the commissioner has testified and long stated,“ the league said in a statement to FOS.

Goodell also expressed outrage at media coverage of head injuries.

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