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Robert Saleh ist es egal, was Aaron Rodgers in der Show von Pat McAfee sagt

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The New York Jets head coach, Robert Saleh, has given quarterback Aaron Rodgers the green light to make future appearances on The Pat McAfee Show during his weekly Monday appearances on Michael Kay’s program. These comments came hours after Rodgers held a post-season press conference for the Jets, stating that they needed to „flush the bullsh*t“ out of the building by 2024.

“Everything we do, individually or collectively, that doesn’t contribute to actual winning needs to be evaluated,“ Rodgers told reporters on Monday. „If you want to be a successful organization and put yourself in a position to win championships and be competitive, everything you do matters. The nonsense that does not contribute to winning needs to exit the building. So that will be the focus moving forward. That’s the focus of [exit interviews].“

Rodgers also dodged questions about his comments implying that late-night host Jimmy Kimmel would appear on the Epstein list, teasing that he might address the issue in his Tuesday appearance on ESPN’s Pat McAfee Show.

For Saleh, these television appearances do not fall under the „bullsh*t“ that Rodgers refers to.

‚You know what, I won’t speak for him, but I will, in this small, small segment. When we talk about „BS,“ we’re referring to everything within the walls,“ Saleh said during the Monday edition of The Michael Kay Show. „I promise you. I don’t think anyone really cares about the McAfee Show within these walls around his teammates. I think it’s more just noise for the outside world. But just the things here and the things we need to do better. As an organization, as players, as coaches, all of us, to stop worrying about the little stuff and focus on winning football games.“

‚Pat McAfee’s Show is entertainment,‘ Saleh continued. ‚That’s what he does. He makes good money out of it; Good for him. And they’ve put together a good product. But at the same time, I promise you that no one really cares about what’s said on The Pat McAfee Show.“

Kay then directly asked Saleh if the „conspiracy stuff“ distracted the locker room, especially in light of Rodgers‘ recent headlines regarding the Kimmel-Epstein situation. Saleh again diverted, calling it „entertaining conversation.“

„It stimulates entertaining conversations, but it’s not like ‚Oh my God,'“ said Saleh. „There’s nothing dramatic. I mean, you should sit down and talk to him about holistic foods and all that. It’s a fascinating conversation, to be honest… There’s nothing negative about it. It just depends on how you approach it, and I don’t think anyone in the locker room is so negatively inclined.“

This all happened before Rodgers‘ actual appearance on McAfee’s Show on Tuesday. Aside from not apologizing to Kimmel for accusing him of being a pedophile, Rodgers also spent about half of his first segment ranting about the efficacy of COVID vaccines, alternative treatments, and „misinformation“ from Dr. Fauci.

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