Home Sport Rex Ryan nach Dallas wäre entweder der beste oder der schlechteste Wechsel aller Zeiten

Rex Ryan nach Dallas wäre entweder der beste oder der schlechteste Wechsel aller Zeiten

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With Dan Quinn now in Washington, the Dallas Cowboys have an important position to fill as defensive coordinator. While there are a few qualified candidates without NFL experience, one of the most intriguing (for many reasons) is current ESPN analyst, Rex Ryan. As he meets with Jerry Jones, this potential hiring could either bring great results for current head coach Mike McCarthy or lead to his departure from Dallas.

„You know, I have a foot fetish. I love this toe.“ – Rex Ryan

Let’s address the toe joke right away, as there will be plenty of them if Ryan’s name trends alongside the Cowboys. If hired, this could lead Dallas into a similar game as in the above video clip. But beyond the fun with „sexy Rexy,“ his foot fetish, he was also a damn good defensive coach in his prime over a decade ago.

Many will laugh (and are currently) at the thought of this being another misguided attempt by Jones to bring in another re-tread, but Ryan is much more exciting than the other name we’ve heard. That would be former Minnesota Vikings head coach and former Cowboys defensive coordinator, Mike Zimmer. He was part of some of those lean years in the early 2000s.

Neither may be the right answer, but if forced to choose between the two, most would likely opt for Ryan. One must really forget about his time as a head coach in Buffalo and his last few years there, New York leading the Jets nowhere. After a solid performance as a DC in Baltimore, he had a quick start with the Jets but couldn’t sustain the momentum. His tenure began with consecutive appearances in the AFC Championship games, and from there quickly spiraled downward.

While it’s just a meeting with the Jones family, it’s worth considering that Ryan could very well be hired. What really makes this situation unique is McCarthy’s status, approaching the final year of his contract with the Cowboys. There are no guarantees, but it’s hard to imagine Ryan sliding into this situation if McCarthy is cast aside. The next six years between the Jets and Bills were a disaster after the first two years in New York.

Since Ryan has been mentioned as a head coaching candidate, there has been widespread laughter and skepticism. He has been wanting to return to the sidelines for years and has been „in the mix“ in recent years, failing each time. At this point, one must question if he is a serious candidate for many teams.

It feels like the Cowboys are hiring the son of former rival Buddy Ryan, but it also seems like a decision Without a safety net, McCarthy might not be particularly thrilled. Rex is a player’s coach. This doesn’t mean McCarthy’s current and former players don’t love him, but Ryan is different. He has that eccentric, all-in personality that attracts many players. If the offense were to struggle for any reason and the defense flourished under Ryan, it would be difficult for McCarthy to overcome that.

We’ve heard talks and rumors In the past two years, it’s been about Quinn replacing McCarthy, the same would start with Ryan, though this time Jones wouldn’t hesitate to make a bold decision. But again, the idea of Ryan as a head coach (again) is one that most people would give up on. So, it’s a bit of a conundrum that Jones would hire one of Buddy’s twins.

If Jones does make the deal, it will either be a key to further success for McCarthy in Dallas, finally overcoming the slump, or it will be a terrible ending if the „Boys“ collapse and burn next season. Either way, it will be the most entertaining outcome for anyone who loves [real] reality TV.

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