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Rangliste der neu eingestellten NFL-Cheftrainer

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When hiring the youngest head coach in the league, he should be a good coach. Mike Macdonald definitely is a good one. When Macdonald left Michigan in 2021, they ranked 8th in the country in defense, and he laid the foundation for their nationally-leading, almost historic performance in 2023. He then moved to the Baltimore Ravens after they finished a season ranked 28th in defensive DVOA. Under Macdonald’s leadership over the following two years, the Ravens ranked 8th in 2022 and 1st in 2023. What Macdonald exceeded this year was attacking Shanahan’s offense. Baltimore inflicted devastating damage on the 49ers, Dolphins, and Texans, all of whom drew their offense directly from the Shanahan system. This is a great commitment for a team that has to face Kyle twice a season. Will he get the Roquan Smiths, Jadeveon Clowneys, and Kyle Hamiltons with which Baltimore was equipped? Probably not, but the consistent investment in defensive talent by the Seahawks has left Macdonald with a strong starting core to work with. Furthermore, the hiring transition comes from 72-year-old Pete Carroll. The switch from the oldest coach in the league to the youngest coach in the league allows Seattle to establish a foundation for the head coaching position for a long time if the hiring works out.

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