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Produktbewertung: Silver Biotics – Hausmittel für Mütter

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With the excessive use of antibiotics, it’s reassuring to know that there may be a natural alternative that can achieve similar results. Silver Biotics® has developed a dietary supplement using SilverSol® technology to support the immune system, acting as a natural antibiotic and promoting healing. In fact, doctors have used it to treat various types of infections and also use it in gel form for wound care.

The liquid dietary supplement consists of deionized water with silver particles, and silver has been known for centuries for its natural antibacterial properties. It was actually used before modern antibiotics were developed in the 1940s. Historical references even mention how silver coins were once used and dipped in water and milk to preserve them and prevent spoilage. Isn’t that interesting!

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I personally purchased and used Silver Biotics® recommended by Dr. Gordon Pedersen, Ph.D. (Immunology, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine Specialist, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine). I’ve read the research findings and watched the videos showing how this simple silver is very effective against malaria. As a precaution, my daughter actually brought the Immune Support Supplement with her on her trip to Africa to protect against malaria.

Moreover, there are research findings that confirm the effectiveness of SilverSol® for other serious illnesses. Some of this information can be found here. I also recommend it in the post „My Natural Medicine Cabinet,“ which you can read on this website. Can this very simple solution really combat serious illnesses? Research for yourself, I believe you’ll be amazed.

Product Options

Silver Biotics® offers several products with this nanotechnology, including: an immune support dietary supplement, toothpaste and gel, facial serum, skin cream, and wound dressing gel.

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To purchase at a location near you, visit https://silverbiotics.com/find-us/

By the way, Silver Biotics® is NOT colloidal silver. This version does not discolor the body as colloidal silver can when used excessively, turning the skin blue. It is easy to swallow as it tastes and looks like water. Amazon reviews give it 4.5 stars. As always, consult your physician first.

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