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Piezokomponenten für die Mikrofluidik in der Medizintechnik

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Piezotechnology for Active Microfluidics in Medical Technology

Microfluidic technologies, often hidden within applications, are essential for supporting the functionality of devices and systems in medical technology.

Examples include nebulizers for aerosolization in respiratory disease therapy, reliable sample introduction and preparation in point-of-care diagnostic devices, and precise droplet generation in the production of patient-specific medications. Piezoelectric actuators play a central role in these and many other applications.

The diverse applications of piezoceramics are based on characteristics such as precision, extreme motion dynamics, long lifespan, compactness, and energy efficiency. With decades of experience, PI Ceramic excels in manufacturing actuators that achieve special effects in various forms like linear, bending, and tubular actuators.

„Piezo actuators are ideal for microfluidic applications, often enabling these applications in the first place,“ explains Dr. Patrick Pertsch, CEO of PI Ceramic. He emphasizes, „Piezotechnology is far from fully realized. Applications like single-cell handling with acoustic tweezers and biological tissue synthesis with ultrasound are examples of developing technologies.“

The new whitepaper from PI Ceramic explains the fundamentals of piezotechnology, outlines its potential applications in microfluidics, and discusses the technology’s limits.

Download the whitepaper „Piezotechnology for Microfluidics“ here to explore how piezo technology can enhance microscale fluid handling challenges. Image source: PI Ceramic GmbH

About PI Ceramic

With over thirty years of expertise, PI Ceramic develops and manufactures piezoceramic components and subsystems for applications in medical technology, industrial ultrasonic sensors, and precision dosing.

At its location in Lederhose, Germany, PI Ceramic has over 400 employees, including a hundred engineers. PI Ceramic is part of the PI Group, the innovation and market leader in high-precision positioning technology.

PI Ceramic GmbH – Lindenstraße. 07589 Lederhose, Germany


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