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Philly sollte Joel Embiid für den Rest der Saison ausschalten

von NFI Redaktion

A meniscus injury may be the most dangerous of all knee injuries, as it is not treated like a severe knee injury. The reigning MVP Joel Embiid just underwent an operation to repair a meniscus injury in his left knee, and his recovery will be re-evaluated in four weeks. However, for someone with his history of complaints, the schedule should be in a gray area, as the Philadelphia 76ers are treating their franchise cornerstone with the same kid gloves used in the early days of „The Process.“

The knee saga of Chicago Bulls guard Lonzo Ball began a few years ago with a meniscus tear, putting his career in jeopardy. Former Boston Celtic Robert Williams, currently with the Portland Trail Blazers, suffered a meniscus injury before the 2021 NBA playoffs, returned for the C’s run to the finals, and has since played 41 games in two seasons.

If Embiid believes that this team can give him a chance at a title, then he should go for it. Williams was just a few wins away from immortality.

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