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Pete Carroll verschüttet heißen Tee in der ganzen Smaragdstadt

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When it was announced last week that the Seattle Seahawks would be moving in a different direction for head coach, this news surprised many. It was framed as if Pete Carroll and the organization had mutually agreed that Carroll would step aside and transition into a consulting role. But now, approximately one week after this announcement, we are learning about how Carroll was displaced from the sidelines of Seattle.

„The difficult part about it is, if you knew it, it’s really hard, because they’re not football people. They’re not coaches, and so it’s really hard for other people to get to the real details.“ Pete Carroll said.

Some of Carroll’s comments sound like a man who is just a little bit angry about his departure. Even though he was not completely shut out from the team, the knowledge that he won’t be leading this squad into battle after 14 years must feel like a swift kick in the groin. Especially since it felt like it came out of left field.

After a rough year in 2021, winning only seven games, Carroll’s team bounced back with nine wins in each of the last two seasons. The only difference is that they missed the postseason this year, as opposed to the qualification that no one thought they would achieve in 2022. Ultimately, the higher-ups pulled the plug and decided it was time to let go. Seattle is ready for a fresh start.

„What’s the core of the necessary adjustments?“ Carroll said. „Here’s where we might not agree, because I see it from a certain perspective and think I have a way to solve the problem, and I’m not going to half-solve it. I’m trying to repair it so that it’s perfect. I have really precise and particular thoughts, and they might not see it that way.“

It really feels like Carroll still has that coaching fever despite being in his 72nd year. This could eventually become a problem and potentially lead Carroll to seek employment elsewhere if there’s interest. It may not be happening right now, but he’s a head coach who has won the Super Bowl, and there aren’t many active coaches left. Bill Belichick is back on the free market after nearly a quarter of a century in New England and there’s talk that Mike Tomlin could be next.

If Carroll were to be forced, one would assume he would receive a few interviews. The Seattle situation just feels unresolved, especially after he spilled the beans about being pushed out of his seat. Carroll doesn’t pull punches and throw people under the bus if he truly agrees with what happened. There’s no word yet, but don’t be surprised if this relationship completely dissolves sooner rather than later.

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