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Patrick Mahomes macht sich auf den Weg zu Bradys Exzellenz-Erbe

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Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes are at the forefront of NFL dominance at the most important position in the NFL. Each season, Mahomes inches closer to Brady’s legacy of excellence. However, there is a limited amount Mahomes can achieve in a Super Bowl.

Super Bowl rings, however, do not tell the whole story. If Dee Ford had not been offside in the 2019 AFC Championship game, Mahomes would have secured his first Big Game appearance against the Rams in Super Bowl LIII.

Even with a third Super Bowl win in six seasons as a starter on his resume, Mahomes would still only be halfway to Brady’s career playoff wins or his record with the Lombardi Trophy. He has already gained notoriety.

Mahomes crafts touchdown drives along with the divine artistry of Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel. He combines sharp cognitive adaptability to process under pressure with the ability to hesitate on the run until he’s ready to unleash projectile speed through a deeper bag of throwing angles seen from any singular specimen.

Brady was a precision-based MINT professor in the pocket and a pseudo-madman when it came to protecting his body through crisis with the TB-12 method. His most dazzling throw was when he threw his seventh Lombardi Trophy to a second boat.

Inside, Brady was a master of discipline. As a drop-back artist, Mahomes has more range than Brady. Under four-man pressure and disguised blitz attacks, Mahomes in the pocket is as competent as possible, but what sets him apart is his virtuosic gameplay outside the pocket or when forced to deviate from the script.

The debate between them continues, revolving around the choice between longevity and an athlete’s peak performance. When we reduce athletes in their prime to their abilities, Mahomes is already approaching Brady.

Mahomes is unlikely to enjoy the benefit of Andy Reid’s tenure as a nuclear offensive engineer when he’s 30 – almost two years from now. However, TB12 never had a stretch as outstanding as this.

Mahomes is the Randy Moss among Brady’s Jerry Rices. Rice’s records of success are completely unattainable, as he enhanced his numbers in his prime and continued his productivity into his forties.

Despite all this, Moss was the most destructive force we’ve ever seen at the wide receiver position. That describes Mahomes‘ impact on the football world. The Air Raid product has been an H-bomb since he landed 10 touchdowns in his first two starts in 2018.

There is a very good chance Mahomes may never be interested in playing long enough to reach some of the astronomical records Brady has set. But in his first seven seasons, Mahomes is building another tier at the top of the QB hierarchy.

He has two more playoff wins and two MVPs by a time Brady didn’t have any. Additionally, he has 7,000 additional passing yards, 15 fewer interceptions, and a total of 81 touchdowns. In their first 17 playoff games, Mahomes has surpassed Brady in passing yards, touchdowns, and fewer turnovers.

Mahomes‘ shortcoming in Super Bowl LV was partly due to a decimated offensive line of Kansas City that left the Chiefs‘ signal-caller fighting for his life.

Brady still wins the long arithmetic, and Mahomes still has to vanquish a contemporary challenger in Joe Burrow, just as Brady consistently displaced Peyton Manning from Super Bowl victories. However, Mahomes, like Moss, possesses a peak that few can reach.

Rice’s technical skills were unparalleled, but Moss‘ creativity downfield with jump balls and the kinetic energy he generated on splash plays were never matched. That’s the crucial factor, Mahomes may be near eclipsing Brady’s numbers if he plays long enough.

The Chiefs‘ offense has evolved from supernova mode to administrative paperwork mode, but Mahomes has a substantial lead. It’s a uniquely unbeatable skill that gives him an advantage in the NFL’s GOAT wars. But first, he must tear the heart out of San Francisco once again.

In his first seven seasons, Mahomes has done everything bigger and almost better than Brady at this point. He’s only one Super Bowl ring behind young Brady. Mahomes‘ killer instinct in the last two comebacks of Super Bowl LIV against the Niners was as breathtaking as Brady’s in 2002 against the Rams or Atlanta, but to keep the honor, he must do it again.

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