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Patrick Mahomes, der Spielmanager, war gut genug

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Over the past few years, Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback, has been compared to Jordan. As he seeks his second Super Bowl, he became the first Throwzini to lead the league in passing yards and win a Super Bowl in the same season. Despite a tough ankle sprain last year, he continued to play spectacularly, reminiscent of Willis Reed’s performance with 326 yards and two touchdowns, including a critical scramble that led to victory for Kansas City.

However, let’s not be fooled by The Last Dance. Even Jordan needed support from his teammates at times. For most of the season, Mahomes and the Chiefs fought like MJ did in the 1996 finals, struggling with trust issues and making several career-high and career-low records. The defense of the Ravens held Mahomes in check during the AFC Championship on Sunday. Although Mahomes‘ performance resembled that of Alex Smith in 2017, the Chiefs‘ aggressive defense compensated for it, leading to another successful victory.

Despite a one-score game result, Baltimore seemed to never truly threaten the Chiefs until the last two minutes. Mahomes‘ efficient play avoided errors but limited productivity, while Baltimore tried to defeat Kansas City in broad daylight.

Baltimore’s well-deserved loss could be the growing pains they needed. Mahomes‘ leadership has taken the Chiefs to another level, showcasing his adaptability and ability to lead them to victory. Just as Flowers tried to reach over the end zone, and just as Roquan Smith faced an unnecessary roughness penalty, the Chiefs have proven their resilience and determination.

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