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Ohio State kauft das beste Team, das NIL bekommen kann. Es lohnt sich besser

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Don’t get mad, get even. Or in the case of Ohio State: get them all.

While the sports world focuses on the end of the NFL season, college basketball, and the NBA, this is the time of year when college football takes a backseat – unless you’re in Columbus, Ohio.

Quoting Bobby Axelrod, „Hate is the most powerful energy source of nature. It’s endlessly renewable.“ This is what the Buckeyes took to heart as they gathered players and coaches in the off-season much like Thanos did with the Infinity Stones in 2018/2019. Despite not winning a game since Thanksgiving (37-3 against Minnesota) and facing a normal schedule next season with Oregon, Penn State, and Michigan as their only tough games in the first year of the expanded Big Ten season, the program utilized NIL to attract and retain the best talent money can buy.

This is what happens when your rival has taken over and just won a national championship, while you are on a two-game losing streak, only managing to score three points against Missouri in the Cotton Bowl.

„Everything is being evaluated,“ said head coach Ryan Day after the season. „And if it helps Ohio State achieve our goals and win these games, we will make those changes.“

Since then, Day has hired Bill O’Brien as his offensive coordinator, at least a dozen players, many of whom were expected to go to the draft, have decided to stay, and the team added Kansas State transfer Will Howard and former five-star recruit from Alabama, Julian Sayin, to their quarterback room. They also acquired star safety Caleb Downs and starting center Seth McLaughlin from Alabama. Reportedly, the program has spent $13 million in the off-season.

„I am extremely excited to add Bill O’Brien to our coaching staff,“ said Day. „He brings a wealth of knowledge – and tremendous success – at both the NFL and college level. He is an excellent and experienced offensive coach who has led NFL and Power-5 programs and trained some truly elite players throughout his career. He will be an outstanding teacher and recruiter for us and will absolutely strengthen our staff.“

Whether it’s their disdain for Michigan or their national title drought, Ohio State has used NIL and the transfer portal to their advantage in reclaiming the Big Ten. Much of this is attributed to „The Foundation“ – a nonprofit NIL collective for football and basketball in the state of Ohio, registered as a 501(c)(3), making donations legally tax-deductible. Reportedly, star rookie quarterback of the Houston Texans, CJ Stroud, who played for the Buckeyes, dropped somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000 into his school’s account.

„We greatly appreciate your assistance in keeping Ohio State at the forefront of college athletics,“ said OSU’s athletic director Gene Smith as he urged fans to donate to the collective in 2022.

It has worked, even though it is the silliest thing a fan base can do when their program is part of a conference with a $7 billion media rights contract. Taking it one step further: Smith is retiring in July and former Texas A&M AD Ross Björk has been hired as his successor. Just a few weeks ago, Björk had a football program that owed at least $119 million to their former head coach and the new one who has not blown a whistle in practice.

„Let me be very clear on the next part: Texas A&M Athletics and the 12th Man Foundation will be the only sources of funding to cover these transitional costs,“ said Björk regarding the tabs.

The Buckeyes have proven to be on the path to victory as the playoffs are expanded to 12 teams next season. But if Ohio State still can’t beat Michigan or their season doesn’t end with a parade, they will use all that money to hire a new head coach.

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