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Nikita Kucherov hat das NHL-All-Star-Wochenende als Farce entlarvt

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There is a misconception that every All-Star Game is „for the fans“. This idea is outdated, especially for the NBA and the NHL. The All-Star Game is simply an outing for the league’s biggest sponsors to have the opportunity to mingle with the game’s top stars. It serves as a reward for their support of the league and, most importantly, the money they provide. Oh, and it’s also an opportunity for the players to enjoy a few nights of drinking, which is of genuine interest to them, in addition to various contract bonuses. Most tickets are reserved for sponsors and any affiliates they have.

Therefore, it’s quite silly to be upset that Nikita Kucherov managed the entire competition, especially because he wasn’t the only one waiting for drinking time. If you ask most players to give you an honest and consequence-free answer, most would tell you they would have preferred the weekend off. Kucherov was just physically honest, if not verbally.

The Skills competition was designed like a pentathlon, and it was pretty clear that Connor McDavid would win it. Probably has something to do with the fact that Connor McDavid designed it. When Kucherov realized he wouldn’t get the millions, why should it matter to him? Will that be on his future Hall of Fame plaque?

These fans were huffing about Kucherov only making it pretty clear how dumb the whole thing was, a truth they tried to ignore after shelling out certainly inflated prices for the Not-All-Star Game seats worse than various marketing managers. Which unfortunately is the case at most games at the Leafs‘ Rogers Centre.

Kucherov gets paid to play for the Lightning to help them win a cup. If the guys choose to enjoy the weekend, that’s their prerogative. Kucherov basically told the league bosses to pound sand, which is also cool. It’s not his job to put on a show for business partners for something that ultimately doesn’t matter. Hero.

We’re doing this Kylian Mbappé thing again

Maybe this time it’s for real?

We’ll forgive you if you believe you’ve heard it all before. Because you have. Mbappe turned Madrid a few years ago because of his contract with PSG, which basically gave him GM powers. Mbappe couldn’t build the team he wanted in Paris after two years, so he’ll move to Spain.

Mbappe is one of the best players in the world, and any team would certainly improve with him. And if Mbappe would settle for just playing as a number 9, everything would work fine with Vinicius Jr. on the left and practically any dummy who can stand on the right side, with Jude Bellingham behind. However, Mbappe has made it clear that he likes to play on the left side with a central striker, which Madrid currently doesn’t really have. Perhaps he’ll fit into the 4-4-2 diamond that Carlo Ancelotti played this year, along with Vinicius at the forefront. Or maybe he’ll just push Vinicius out of the team altogether, which, crazy as it sounds, wouldn’t be a monumental improvement.

But that’s for another time, when Mbappe proves it’s not just about keeping PSG on the path to more money and power, as it was last time. If it does come to fruition this time, the whole thing is a bit Durant-esque.

And then there’s this gem

Let’s end with the other side of The Beautiful Game, and that’s Chloe Kelly laying an Olimpico.

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