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Nike-Schaufensterpuppen gibt es in allen Größen

von NFI Redaktion

Recently, the sports apparel brand Nike unveiled new inclusive mannequins in their Niketown stores in London, featuring representations of physically disabled and plus-sized athletes.

Other brands such as Target, Nordstrom, and Old Navy have also introduced plus-sized and disabled mannequins in the past year.

Fans of the new mannequins have praised Nike on social media for their dedication to inclusivity.

However, there have been critics of Nike’s plus-sized mannequins. A opinion piece in the British news site The Telegraph accused the mannequins of promoting an unhealthy standard for women and claimed they were „selling women a dangerous lie.“

Studies have shown that traditional mannequins may indeed represent an unhealthy standard. A study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information in 2017 found that the average female mannequin’s body size is indicative of severe underweight, with 100% of female mannequins being underweight.

„Scientific evidence suggests that obesity has different health implications. There are metabolically healthy overweight individuals. A uniform image harms most of us who are not perfectly toned or athletically built,“ said Dr. Brunilda Nazario, senior medical director at WebMD.

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