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Nicht einmal der Deep State konnte den Super Bowl verhindern

von NFI Redaktion

Even though the Super Bowl has been exposed as a Psy-Ops campaign of the Deep State, it still managed to maintain its status as an unofficial American holiday.

Indeed, after the NFL was revealed as a manipulated arm of the Deep State, it showed a bold face and carried on. The league even ended with a 16:16 tie and overtime, before Kansas City (wink) secured its second consecutive championship with a 25:22 win over San Francisco.

One could argue the game was bigger than ever. Ludacris and Lil Jon joined Usher – on roller skates – for the halftime show. Reba McEntire sang the Star Spangled Banner while a triangle of jets hummed above Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. The stands were filled, the stars came out – unlike the Grammys, Jay Z had both daughters by his side – and the pomp vied to see who would receive the highest billing, I’d consider the circumstances in the tunnel.

It was pomp. Always the pomp.

If you missed it, there were a few right-wing commentators, whose gray matter may have been replaced by oatmeal, claiming the Super Bowl was somehow manipulated because Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift enjoyed each other’s company. Even President Biden was involved!

And all this before Kelce uncoolly bumped into head coach Andy Reid on the sidelines during the first half. Not helping, Travis.

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