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Neues Tampa Bay Lightning Black Ausweichtrikot – SportsLogos.Net News

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An apparent leak of the new third jersey of the Tampa Bay Lightning was discovered and posted online.

The photo displays a black sweater with white and blue stripes on the sleeves, a thin blue stripe around the collar, and a slightly modified version of their Rondel-style secondary logo patch on the front.

Take a look:

A single white stripe lies around the waist, and the back of the collar displays a pattern in black, silver, and blue. This design commemorates the three seasons during which the team won the Stanley Cup (’04, ’20, ’21), with each victory highlighted by a lightning bolt.

The crest on the chest is very similar to the secondary logo used by the Bolts since 2011, but with a small alteration. The circle in the typical logo is filled in blue. This version eliminates the fill of the inner circle, leaving only a thin blue outline.

Observers draw a connection between the sleeve stripes and the „Victory Stripes“ that once lay under each arm of the shirt original Lightning uniforms – The idea was to integrate a design that is only visible when a player raises their arms in celebration, either after scoring a goal, after a win, or when hoisting the Stanley Cup over their head. Although similar, they are neither in quantity nor in color exactly the same.

„Victory Stripes“ beneath the arm of the original Lightning uniform

We are not sure when these new jerseys will be unveiled, but they seem to be more of a late addition for 2023-24 rather than a very early one for 2024-25.

This would be Tampa Bay’s fifth third jersey in history, notorious Lightning uniforms from 1996 to 1999, blue „BOLTS“ jersey from 2008 to 2014, the black version that followed from 2014 to 2017, and then the most recent, The black-gray sweater was presented in 2019 and worn until 2022.

Tampa Bay wore this as their third jersey from 2018-19 until 2021-22

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