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Neues PWHL-Sponsoring zielt darauf ab, die Namen der Spieler ins Rampenlicht zu rücken – SportsLogos.Net News

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The Professional Women’s Hockey League hopes that a new sponsorship deal will help raise awareness for their players and give them the recognition they deserve.

As part of the pre-International Women’s Day celebrations on Friday, March 8, PWHL announced a new sponsorship agreement with Molson Breweries, which includes a jersey pilot project. For the game on Friday between Toronto and Montreal, the Molson logo will appear on the back of the player’s jerseys above the numbers – a spot normally obscured by the players‘ hair – and their nameplates will be moved below the numbers.

„By moving the player’s name under their number, Molson is obscuring their name, making their name visible,“ the PWHL press release reads.

The PWHL Montreal players wearing their new jerseys with the Molson logo on the upper back and their nameplates relocated to the lower back where they are not covered by long hair. (Courtesy Molson Canadian / Facebook)

The pilot jersey is part of Molson’s „See My Name“ campaign, which aims to promote more inclusivity and equality in sports and send a strong message that overrepresented female athletes deserve to be seen, recognized, and celebrated. Molson and PWHL say the jerseys are „just one of many first steps for Molson in its mission to support female hockey players.“

„International Women’s Day is important for celebrating and recognizing women who are making change, and that’s why it aligns with an initiative like See My Name, offering unique recognition to PWHL players. I look forward to seeing Montreal and Toronto on the ice on Friday with these special jerseys.“

– Jayna Hefford, PWHL Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations

PWHL Toronto players modeling the new jerseys they will wear against Montreal on International Women’s Day. (Courtesy Molson Canadian / Facebook)

„We are proud to announce our upcoming new partnership with PWHL in actionable ways. We are big fans of the league and its incredible athletes, and introducing See My Name seemed like the best way to continue shining a light on the PWHL stars.“

— Kara Fitzpatrick, Marketing Director, Molson™ & Economy Brands.

Toronto and Montreal will face off on Friday at 7:00 PM ET at the Mattamy Athletic Centre in Toronto. The game will be broadcast on Sportsnet in Canada and on NESN in the United States.

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