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Neues Jahr, ich auch – Das Family-Dinner-Projekt

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Welcome to 2024: Embracing the Same ‚You‘!

New Year, New You

It feels like every year we’re bombarded with messages to set New Year’s resolutions and reinvent ourselves. But can’t January be a time for a different kind of restart?

Let’s embrace the new year with peace and contentment, returning to simplicity and routine after a season of excess and extravagance.

So, our message to you this January is: „New Year, Same ‚You‘.“ Enjoy the familiar embrace of family meals, cherished recipes, and everyday routines. Let’s resolve to do less, laugh more, and be content with the good things in life.

Here’s to a year of returning to our authentic selves!


Easy Egg Fried Rice

Photo by Seonkyoung Longest

Nothing is more stress-free than 5-minute Fried Rice!

5-Minute Fried Egg Rice


Classic Charades

Lets keep the fun classic with an old favorite: Charades.



These conversation starters can help you embrace the same old you by reminding you of the great things about who you already are!

New Year, Same You

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