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Neue Throwback-Uniform der Angels in MLB The Show 24 bestätigt – SportsLogos.Net News

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It appears that the Los Angeles Angels will introduce a new retro jersey as an alternative for the 2024 season, based on a screencap from the upcoming MLB video game „The Show 24.“ This revelation confirms an earlier report circulating since January.

The screenshot showcases the new throwback option listed as „Alternate 2“ jersey for the Los Angeles Angels on their jersey selection screen before the game. Unlike past editions where old uniforms were labeled with a specific year (such as „1972 HOME“), this one does not feature a year and is designated as an „ALTERNATE 2,“ strongly suggesting it is a new jersey for the 2024 season.

The jersey listed in MLB The Show 24 highlighted by Twitter user @LambeauLiving

While previous reports depicted this as a pullover jersey, MLB The Show 24 presents it as a fully buttoned jersey. It’s worth noting that in MLB: The Show video games, jerseys may not always be accurately represented as button-ups.

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Additional screenshots below reveal the California state patch on the sleeve, the player name and number style, and the Angels‘ new MLB logo coloration in red-white-blue for ’24 (blue and red swapped).

A Ballcap available for sale in the official MLB online shop also features the cap in throwback style seen in the above screencaps. This cap is labeled as „Alternative On-Field“ cap with no mention of being part of MLB’s „Cooperstown Collection,“ further indicating it as a current cap to be worn in 2024.

The Angels began sporting this uniform style in 1973 when they were known as the California Angels (the cap was released one season prior). They continued with this design until the end of the 1985 season when the team switched to their main logo with the Halo-A on a baseball, replacing the California state patch. The pullover was converted into a button-up jersey (in the same design) in 1989 and worn until 1993 before the Angels opted for a complete redesign, reminiscent of their 1960s look.

There is no official word on when the Angels will unveil the new look, but the club has a Throwback Week listed in their schedule from July 25 to August 1.

The Angels have revisited this look several times in recent years. They last wore the button-up version of this jersey for two games in July 2023, while the pullover version was worn from August 16 to 17, 2019.

Reggie Jackson donning this uniform as a member of the California Angels in the 1980s

This is not the only change the Los Angeles Angels are making to their uniforms in 2024. The team is also experimenting with the colors and shading of their jersey numbers, as well as the trim on sleeves and collars. For more details on the Angels‘ uniform changes and other baseball uniform updates for 2024, check out our post here.

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