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Neue MLB-Trikots von Fanatics sorgen bereits für Kritik

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It is known that MLB owners have no problem lowering the quality of their product for the sake of cost-saving. They have expanded the playoffs so that more teams can qualify with just a near .500 record. Many teams will use the façade of a rebuild as an excuse to not even try, and others will join them to avoid signing any significant free agents.

You would think that Rob Manfred and his merry band would at least want the product to look good, attract attention, or perhaps distract from the lackluster game on the field. It should at least appear that people will remember it.

Yes, exactly:

And take a look at what’s different with the Dodgers jersey from Shohei Ohtani’s opening presser.

This season is the first in which Fanatics has produced jerseys for MLB players and as replicas for fans, with Nike licensing its logo on them. Any sports fan knows exactly what an absolute garbage fire Fanatics is for its consumers. It’s essentially a 50:50 bet that anything you order is even for the right team, and the odds of the desired player’s name and number matching get worse from there. Fanatics‘ quality control essentially consists of making sure they receive your payment and then sending you the piece of fabric lying on the warehouse floor.

This also translates to the actual jerseys on the field, which look downright cheap and not even pure white, but an off-white that makes every player look like they’ve washed their jerseys five times before even taking the field.

Baseball will suffer under much of what any other industry does under the thumb of greedy and clueless billionaires, namely the insatiable thirst to do something similar to what the company or industry has done before, as long as it’s cheaper and regardless of whether it’s worse. If it has the same name, these idiots think people will believe it’s the same product. That means they can throw away as much garbage as they can, and we are gullible enough to believe it’s the same, even if it’s clearly much worse.

Leagues have turned to Fanatics as their official jersey maker or will turn to Fanatics because they offer the most money, and Fanatics will pay out because they put about 12 US dollars into the actual production of items and pocket the rest. There is years of evidence for this, and yet leagues keep signing up and fans are left with no one else to turn to.

So your favorite team will enter the field this summer looking like they’ve adorned the softball jerseys of your company, and if you feel like being part of the fandom and want to buy your own Dodgers jersey, you’ll get one with „Dodgeball“ on the front and you’ll like it. MLB got their money – from Fanatics, from their TV partners, from their other owners, from the tickets – and everyone else can move on.

And here come the Royals with an outstretched hand

Hey, remember when we were thinking the Kansas City Royals would extend Bobby Witt Jr. Was the largest order in franchise history at least partly a ruse to need public funds for their new stadium and renovations? Funny that…

On the April 2 ballot is a referendum that would approve a sales tax to finance this measure and renovations to Arrowhead Stadium (no, none of these renovations will change the name to a non-racist one). Funny how it all works, isn’t it?

The target of the night

Anyway, here’s Zach Benson of the Sabres flipping David Rittich of the Kings as part of Buffalo’s attack on LA last night:

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