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Neuartiges Produkt mit nachhaltiger Wirkung und Reversibilität wie IUPs zeigt positive Ergebnisse in Studien am Menschen

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Positive results from a clinical study on a new contraceptive method for men, which offers long-lasting effect and reversibility similar to an IUD (intrauterine device) used for women, have been reported.

The new product called ADAM, developed by Contraline, features a hydrogel insert that, when injected into the vas deferens, could reduce sperm motility and concentration similar to a vasectomy. However, unlike a vasectomy, contraception with ADAM is fully reversible.

Vasectomy is a permanent contraceptive method for men, involving the surgical cutting and sealing of the tubes that transport sperm to the testicles. Reversing vasectomy can be costly and not always effective.

„At the moment, there is nothing permanent and reversible for men. This is designed for people who are not ready to have children, delaying the birth of children, or think they are done having children but may not be ready for a permanent option,“ said Kevin Eisenfrats, co-founder and CEO of Contraline.

The study involved 23 healthy men aged 25 to 65 from three locations in Australia – Melbourne, Brisbane, and Wollongong – who were suitable for vasectomy. In a 20-minute procedure, participants were injected with the soft, water-based hydrogel under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. The researchers found a 100% successful implantation rate.

Within 30 days of the implantation, participants showed a reduction in the number of motile sperm by 99.6–100.0%, matching the effectiveness of a vasectomy. No significant adverse events were reported.

„I am excited to see the preliminary results from the study. It is exciting to see the preliminary data showing that ADAM is both safe and effective. The level of participant interest we are seeing demonstrates a significant need for this type of contraception,“ said Dr. Peter Chin, a study researcher from the University of Wollongong.

„We are pleased to share these positive results, which we believe bring us one step closer to transforming the landscape of contraception. This study and the data presented are clear evidence that ADAM is safe, effective, easy to use, and in demand. The fact that we are observing such a dramatic reduction in sperm count and motility, without compromising safety, suggests that it is possible to achieve a similar level of effectiveness to long-acting contraceptives for women such as IUDs. Ultimately, I want to make ADAM a no-brainer for men when it comes to weighing their contraception options,“ Eisenfrats said.

The gel is designed to self-dissolve at the end of its expected lifespan, which is estimated to be one to two years. Participants will be monitored for two years to determine the exact duration.

Men who wish to restore their fertility before the gel’s lifespan ends can do so by removing the gel, researchers said. They have tested reversibility in dogs and plan to initiate a second trial to test reversibility in humans if necessary.

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