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Nehmen und Geben | Jim Daly

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Last summer, 14-year-old Connor Halsa from Minnesota did more than just catching fish during his vacation. While enjoying a sunny day at the lake with his family, he reeled in a wallet containing $2,000 in cash. However, even as Connor spread the money out to dry on a rock, not once did he envision purchasing a new bike or gaming system. This wallet belonged to someone, and Connor wanted to find out who it was and return it to them.

Fortunately, Connor found a business card in the wallet. When his parents called the number, they reached Jim Denney, a farmer from Iowa. It turned out that he had lost his wallet the previous summer while fishing at the same lake, leaning over the edge of his boat to catch a fish. He was certain that he would never see his money again. Then one day, out of the blue, Connor’s family called him and told him the most unlikely fish story he had ever heard.

When a reporter asked Connor why he didn’t keep the money, he replied, „I didn’t work hard for it. Mr. Denney did.“

I love hearing stories about young people like Connor, who have the maturity to look beyond themselves and recognize that there is something more valuable than money and possessions. Like character and a sense of right and wrong. Even at the age of 14, Connor has the wisdom to understand that selfishness may bring us more, but it leaves us empty. Taking from others is never as enriching to our lives as giving to others.

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