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NBA erwägt turnierähnliches Spielfelddesign für die Finals – SportsLogos.Net News

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After using special court designs for all 67 games of the In-Season Tournament, including the semifinals and finals, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver stated that the league is considering something similar for the NBA Finals.

“For the finals, we could have a special court – not just with the trophy in the middle, but something more colorful,” said Silver to reporters before the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Indiana Pacers in the championship tournament on Saturday. “I’m a big proponent of colorful courts.”

The In-Season Tournament courts were fully painted and featured a contrasting lane in the middle, as well as the NBA Cup at center court, reminiscent of the Larry O’Brien Trophy displayed behind the team logos during the NBA Finals 2005–09.

The trophy was also featured on both sidelines, making the In-Season Tournament games even more elevated than regular season contests. In recent seasons, the NBA Finals have featured a standard court with the Finals logo at center court.

“(Fans have told me) if they’re not at home, or at a sports bar, or somewhere else, and they see the color on the court, it means something else is going on,” said Silver.

In the future, the NBA also plans to continue using special courts for the In-Season Tournament. However, teams and players may have more involvement in the designs, which may not be as uniform as the template in the future.

“I think the process we’ve gone through this first time is a bit like child’s play,” said Silver. “I love the court we’ve used here for the semifinals and finals, but I think there could be some more creativity in there.

“Of course, we want to make sure the players have confidence in it, that the kind of paint used is not (too) slippery, and I think we’ve quietly addressed those issues, but we want to make sure they know it’s not a distraction.”

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