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Minor League Baseball-Teams und lokale Indie-Bands schließen sich zu Marken zusammen – SportsLogos.Net News

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Three affiliated Minor League Baseball teams will collaborate with local independent musicians to create the „Capsule Collection.“ The goal of this partnership is to highlight what Minor League Baseball branding specializes in: emphasizing the connections between teams and their local communities. In the newly announced initial phase, the Capsule Collection will combine design elements from baseball teams and rock bands to create a unique fusion branding.

„From a process standpoint, we’ve talked to the teams about what they like, we’ve talked to the musicians about what their passions are, what their color scheme is, what they like,“ said Alan Miller, founder of Official League, an organization partner of the program. „Every detail of the collection has meaning.“

The program will bring together the Triple-A Worcester Red Sox – or WooSox, as they are affectionately called – with alternative rockers Dinosaur Jr., a Massachusetts-based band celebrating the 30th anniversary of their album „Where You Been.“

The Double-A Reading Fightin Phils will collaborate with Mt. Joy, a Philadelphia-based folk-rock band known for their 2016 hit „Silver Lining.“

In Charleston, South Carolina, the Single-A Charleston RiverDogs have teamed up with Band of Horses, an indie rock band based in Charleston currently on a nationwide tour.

In most cases, the artwork was created by Official League itself, with significant input from the teams and bands. In the case of the Band of Horses/RiverDogs partnership in Charleston, percussionist Creighton Barrett, a fan of the team, created the artwork for this special collaboration.

„As we work with artists and teams, the artists are big fans of the local Minor League Baseball teams,“ said Miller. „When we started talking to these bands about it, you know, hey, it could be really fun to do something together with these teams, the teams and the artists were immediately on board.“

The gear will initially be introduced through Official League and later available in the team stores of the participating teams, with the ultimate goal of having the teams wear the brand on the field.

„We have completed jersey designs,“ said Miller. „Having fans celebrate with a jersey on the field and some of these pieces will be an important part of our next steps.“

More details on this program are forthcoming, including additional teams involved in future seasons and the schedule for when we will see the gear on the field, determined on a team-by-team basis.

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