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MiLB-Teams gedenken der Sonnenfinsternis mit Ausrüstung auf dem Spielfeld – SportsLogos.Net News

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Make sure not to look directly at these logos without protective eyewear! Many Minor League Baseball teams along the path of today’s eclipse have been hosting or will host promotional events to commemorate this rare celestial event. The MiLB calls it „Total Eclipse of the Park,“ involving coordinated events where branded glasses are often given away or watch parties are held.

Some teams also went the extra mile by rebranding with eclipse-themed field uniforms. Since most Minor League teams have Mondays off, we have seen these uniforms this weekend.

In Little Rock, Arkansas, the Double-A Arkansas Travelers wore jerseys this weekend featuring the team logo in front of a black circle covering the sun. The team is hosting a spectator party today, but no game will be played.

In Eastlake, Ohio, the High-A Lake County Captains wore „Blackout“ jerseys yesterday, which were later auctioned off. The team sold merchandise featuring their captain’s logo wearing solar eclipse viewing glasses.

The Triple-A Rochester Red Wings were renamed Moon Rocs, featuring an alternate logo showcasing their mascot Spikes in a spacesuit with an American flag. The jerseys included a space-age typographic mark representing the sun and moon as the two adjacent O’s in Moon Rocs.

Although Allentown, Pennsylvania, is not in the path of totality, the Triple-A Lehigh Valley IronPigs wore special „Space Pigs“ uniforms as the visiting team in Rochester. The Pigs in Space donned alternate jerseys featuring their metallic pig in a spacesuit during a series against the Moon Rocs in Rochester from April 5-7.

Over 31 million people in the path of totality will have the opportunity to witness today’s solar eclipse. It begins shortly after 11:00 am Pacific Time on the Mexican Pacific coast and lasts until 5:16 pm Eastern Time when it exits Newfoundland, Canada.

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