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Mikrobielle Dekoration verbessert die Spezifität und Sicherheit der Arzneimittelabgabe

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Announcement of a new publication for the Acta Materia Medica journal. Microorganisms are mostly distributed on the surface of our skin and intestines and play a crucial role in physiological and metabolic processes such as digestion and immunity, which are closely related to diseases.

Microorganisms have recently received significant attention and are being utilized in various biomedical areas, particularly in the field of drug delivery. However, the application of bacteria is largely restricted due to the intrinsic nature of bacteria, including rapid proliferation, toxicity, and immunogenicity. Therefore, microbial decoration is an attention-catching approach to drug delivery by modifying the properties and functions of microbial surfaces. Microbial decoration methods are diverse and include biotin affinity and gene decoration technologies. These approaches can enhance the specific delivery of drugs, improve the stability and controlled release of drug delivery vehicles, and are useful in cancer therapy, gene therapy, and vaccine delivery. Microbial decoration has broad application prospects as it contributes to the development of more intelligent and precise drug delivery systems, providing patients with more effective and safer therapy options.

This review article summarizes the research progress in various microbial surface modification methods and their applications in drug delivery, as well as the prospects for future opportunities in this area.


Journal Reference:

Er, T., et al. (2023). Advances in microbial decorations and their applications in drug delivery. Acta Materia Medica. doi.org/10.15212/amm-2023-0036.

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