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Michigans Talentniveau verhindert einen weiteren Trockenstoß von Jim Harbaugh

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Many have written headlines and stories, piling on Jim Harbaugh’s third consecutive CFP semifinal loss, in addition to his lost Super Bowl and two lost NFC Championship games. Beautiful sets are threefold and so on. And he may add to that next Monday.

One issue, and it’s odd to say about a team playing against Alabama, is that Michigan simply had better players all over the field than the Crimson Tide. Their defensive line outplayed Jalen Milroe for most of the first half and particularly at the end of the game. Blake Corum, Roman Wilson, and Tyler Morris made just enough plays more than Alabama’s skill position players. This meant that Michigan could do things that Harbaugh teams on the biggest stages usually do – turn the ball over, commit silly penalties, have special teams that look like they’ve undergone experimental medical testing before the game – and still come out flawless on the other end.

Everything seemed to click for Michigan this year. They not only had the years necessary to build this monster team, but also had a somewhat deficient Alabama emerge from the SEC, instead of the likely still better Georgia, which simply had a bad day at the worst time. Usually, any team coming out of the SEC has a talent advantage over everyone else, and that’s not the case this year. Washington is likely not as good as Alabama.

The Dopes get an early start to 2024

Sunday was an outstanding day for right-wing, reactionary fools asserting themselves online, making for a good start to 2024.

And then there’s this oddity…

Anyway, let’s finish with the weirdest goal in the NHL this season to close out the year 2023.

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