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Mein ultimativer Reiseführer für London – Estée Lalonde

von NFI Redaktion

Closest station: Ladbroke Grove.

This bustling market in West London is extremely diverse. From vintage streetwear and designer clothing to antique household items and jewelry, independent fashion brands, and plenty of street food stalls, this market has it all. You can even find some authentic goods straight from the trunk, reminding you that this is ultimately a street market. It’s a great place to stroll on a sunny day, and because of its size, you won’t have trouble getting in. It can be overwhelming, so if you only have time or social energy for a few stops, I suggest checking out Regal Rags and Wings Vintage, then grabbing some Korean fried chicken bibimbap and enjoying it with a drink and live music at the Acklam Village Market Bar. Perfect!

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