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Masseurin wirft James Dolan und Harvey Weinstein sexuelle Übergriffe vor

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According to The New York Times, a woman has accused James L. Dolan, the owner of the New York Knicks and CEO of Madison Square Garden Entertainment, of pressuring her into unwanted sex and arranging a meeting with Harvey Weinstein, who is also accused of sexually abusing her.

Filed in the United States District Court in Los Angeles, a federal lawsuit accuses Kellye Croft of both Dolan and Weinstein for sexual assault and violent touching. Dolan was also accused of sex trafficking for allowing Croft’s transport to California „for the purpose of intercourse induced by violence, fraud, or coercion.“

Douglas H. Wigdor, an attorney for Croft, stated, „By filing today’s complaint, it is time to finally hold Dolan accountable for his outrageous behavior.“

Croft was hired to work as a massage therapist for the Eagles while they were on tour in 2013. Dolan, whose band was the opening act for the Eagles, allegedly forced Croft onto a couch and between his legs, despite her „persistent“ resistance and her declaration of not wanting a sexual relationship. The lawsuit states that Croft felt compelled to engage in a sexual relationship with him after the Madison Square Garden’s owner „summoned“ her to his room several times during the tour.

Croft claims she met Weinstein on the same trip at a meeting allegedly coordinated by Dolan. The lawsuit outlines a detailed encounter where Weinstein invited her to his room, attempted to coerce her into trying on clothing, and forcibly entered her room to sexually assault her.

E. Danya Perry, a lawyer representing Dolan, said, „The allegations against Mr. Dolan are completely unfounded. Kellye Croft and James Dolan had a friendship. Mr. Dolan always believed that Ms. Croft was a good person and is surprised that she would agree to these allegations.“

Jennifer Bonjean, a lawyer for Weinstein, said, „Without merit, vehemently denies these allegations and looks forward to litigating these claims in court, where the truth will come to light.“

Dolan has previously spoken about Weinstein’s history of sexual misconduct and has written a song with his band JD & the Straight Shot called „I Should’ve Known“. He later referred to the allegations against Weinstein as „ridiculous“ in an interview with ESPN.

Weinstein was convicted in February 2020 by the New York Supreme Court of third-degree rape and first-degree criminal sexual act and later convicted before a California court in December 2022 of forcible oral copulation, sexual penetration by a foreign object, and forcible rape, resulting in a total of 39 years in prison.

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