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Marlins enthüllen neues blaues Trikot und upgraden schwarze Uniform für 2024 – SportsLogos.Net News

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The Miami Marlins have made a few minor but very welcome changes to their uniforms for the upcoming 2024 season. The club unveiled the changes during its fanfest on Friday evening.

The home jerseys in white and road grays remain the same, as does the cap. The changes affect the existing black alternate jersey and the former blue spring training jersey (now a regular season alternate).

On the black jersey, the Marlins have simply made the logo more visible. Crazy idea, right? The „Marlins“ script on the chest switches from black with blue and red accents to white with the same blue and red accents. The same upgrade is applied to the player’s name and number on the back.

The Marlins branding isn’t bad; it’s just hard to see. This small change represents an immediate improvement to the entire uniform set.

But that’s not all!

The team also promoted its blue spring training jersey from an exclusive part of the exhibition plans to an option for the regular season – and also changed the design. Previously, the jersey featured the alternate „M“ Marlins logo in the upper left corner of the chest; now, like their other season jerseys, it will feature the team name on the front, in this case „Marlins“ in black with white and red trim.

Here’s a closer look at the lettering of the black and blue 2024 jerseys as well as the details of the trim and drop shadow colors:

Otherwise, nothing changes for the Marlins – they will continue to wear the ADT patch and Marlins logo on their sleeves, and the City Connect Sugar Kings uniform will also remain in place through 2024.

The Marlins were not the only team in the National League East to announce a jersey change for the upcoming season; earlier in the afternoon, the Washington Nationals unveiled their new road gray jersey as well as a new alternate pullover jersey.

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