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Mangelnde Beziehungen dämpften die NFL-Begeisterung für Bill Belichick

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Bill Belichick’s off-season job search came to an unceremonious end last week. For unknown reasons, a group of executives in a fiercely competitive industry vied to attach their wagons to young, unproven coaches they had previous relationships with, instead of an eight-time Super Bowl champion. Dan Quinn’s hiring by the Commanders has left Bill Belichick without a job.

The President of the Panthers Football Department, Dan Morgan, chose to hire Tampa Bay’s offensive coordinator, Dave Canales, whom he knows from their time together with the Seahawks. Meanwhile, Atlanta opted for former Falcons defensive coordinator Raheem Morris, whom CEO Rich McKay promoted to interim head coach in 2020. This illustrates the importance of relationships in the industry.

It seems superficial that the Falcons picked Morris over Belichick, especially considering the Falcons‘ need for a quarterback who can connect the team’s talent with the operational brain. Belichick could guarantee a top-5 defense, even though his recent judgment in evaluating offensive talent has been lacking.

Belichick’s difficulty in maintaining relationships has been a challenge throughout his career. While this perceived social awkwardness has created some comedic moments, it has also hindered his success in the NFL. Ultimately, his next move must be with an organization that can navigate his non-football baggage while having the necessary structure in place.

Ultimately, we may never know the truth unless Blank decides to reveal it. Wherever Belichick ends up next season, it must be with an organization equipped to handle the baggage he brings, both on and off the field.

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