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Manchester City veröffentlicht spezielle „Year of the Wood Dragon“-Trikots – SportsLogos.Net News

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English soccer star Manchester City celebrates the upcoming Lunar New Year with a new jersey and apparel collection commemorating the Year of the Wood Dragon.

City and their kit supplier Puma unveiled the collection on Thursday, January 18, on their website and social media channels. The centerpiece is the jersey, which is white and features tonal „hand-drawn, wood-carved illustrations that artfully link the strength of the shirt.“ Wood Dragon with the architectural splendor of [Etihad Stadium’s] iconic towers“ on the front and sleeves. The City crest, Puma logo, and Etihad Airways sponsor logo appear on the front of the jersey in solid black.

It’s more than just a shirt; it stands as a symbol of progress, success, and promising beginnings, igniting passion for Cityzens everywhere.


A white dragon wraps around the City crest on the back collar. The back of the jersey is solid white to allow for easy visibility of names and numbers.

Manchester City’s women’s team will don the „Year of the Wood Dragons“ jerseys when they take on Manchester United in a Continental Cup group stage match on Wednesday, January 24. It was not mentioned when the men’s team could wear the jerseys, but it could be used as a warm-up top for games leading up to the Lunar New Year.

Complementing the jersey, City has also created a custom font for printing names and numbers on the back. Inspired by the Wood Dragon, it is only available at the team stores and City’s online shop.

Courtesy of Manchester City

In addition to the jersey, City has also released a t-shirt, jacket, and training pants as part of the Year of the Wood Dragon collection. The shirt and jacket also feature the city crest wrapped around the dragon.

Courtesy of Manchester City

The new lunar year begins on Saturday, February 10. The Chinese zodiac not only contains 12 animals, but also five elements—wood, fire, earth, metal, and water—that together define the key traits of those born in that year.

According to the Bendigo Joss House Temple’s website, a Chinese temple in Australia, those born in the year 2024 are considered lucky, flexible, eccentric, imaginative, artistic, spiritual, and charismatic due to the influence of the dragon. Thanks to the wood element, they are also seen as exceptionally gifted, idealistic, and strategic planners.

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