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Ligue 1 führt neues Logo für die Saison 2024-25 ein – SportsLogos.Net News

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Following a recent new naming rights deal with McDonald’s, France’s top domestic football league will unveil a new logo for their new sponsor in the upcoming season.

The Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP), which oversees professional football in France, revealed the new logo for Ligue 1 on Wednesday, March 27. It will be fully implemented in stadiums, broadcasts, and digital applications starting on August 16, in time for the 2024-25 Ligue 1 season.

The logo features an L within an italicized numeral 1. The top of the L is angled to align with the top of the 1. „LIGUE 1“ is written below in a new custom font.

LFP Media is proud today to reveal the new, more modern, and iconic symbol of Ligue 1. This sign emphasizes its uniqueness by highlighting the L associated with the 1. It is played in counterform to the L in the 1. „L1“ is a term used frequently by our fans. Our new logo thus presents two readings and draws a strong and simple label, a unified emblem.

This symbol is part of a new brand identity, very current and modular, so that everyone, clubs and fans, can make it their own. All brand visibility elements are therefore renewed, with a new proprietary typography, a new color palette, and a new graphic system. All these elements will be revealed in the upcoming off-season.

LFP Press Release (translated by Google to English)

„This is a new step in our plan to enhance our competitions. We have been working on renaming our championships for several months. We have built a new brand platform aimed at making Ligue 1 a more iconic brand. This new logo and its associated visual identity represent another step in this endeavor, visible to all fans from the next season,“ said LFP President Vincent Labrune in a press release. „I would like to congratulate the agency Leroy Tremblot, which has signed this new identity at the end of a rich collaboration with the LFP Media teams.“

The LFP plans to unveil a new logo for Ligue 2, the tier of the French football pyramid below Ligue 1, in mid-April. „It will also aim to modernize and turn its championship into a symbol,“ the press release stated.

The Ligue 1 season 2024-25 will kick off on the weekend of August 16, although a detailed schedule has not been released yet. In the current season, Paris Saint-Germain leads the table after 26 out of 34 games, with a 12-point lead over Stade Brestois (29) in first place.

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