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LeBron James gründet den 40K-Club, den er noch lange alleine bevölkern wird

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The next player to surpass the 40,000-point mark in a regular NBA season will have a chance to contend for the title of NBA’s Greatest Of All Time (GOAT), simply because the numbers LeBron James will retire with will be hard to surpass. With 40,017 points, 10,847 assists, and 11,046 rebounds – and counting – James is setting records reminiscent of Jerry Rice which will be deemed „MAGNIFICENT“ if ever exceeded.

The greatest scorer of all time further widened his lead, scoring 26, 9, and 4 in a 124-114 loss to the Denver Nuggets in LA on Saturday night.

It is easy to diminish his achievements because LeBron’s fans are so obnoxious, and James does his best to amplify them. People will point to Michael Jordan’s six titles and claim it’s the most important number, but that’s only because it’s the only statistical advantage MJ has.

The only athlete I can recall being this great so late in his career is Barry Bonds. I know Tom Brady won a Super Bowl no matter how late in his career, and at 46, he ran faster 40 times than 22. It’s not like he posted defenders or hit balls into McCovey Cove. Obviously, Bonds pursued a cloud of PEDs, and I don’t want to overlook that.

I’m just saying, he won four MVPs from ages 36 to 39, including the record-breaking season with 73 home runs. While Kevin Garnett can throw James In the juice gang with Barry, the only odd thing that happened to James‘ head is his hairline, so it’s hard to view these allegations in the same light. It’s not like James ever made a noticeable athletic leap. Since age 18, he’s been 6’8″ and ran a 4.4/40. The fact that he’s been so physically impressive for two decades and hasn’t suffered a serious injury is a mystery.

However, if I hadn’t witnessed LBJ run off with twisted ankles as if he had stepped on a Lego brick, I would be more suspicious. Every time it happens, it’s like street magic from Criss Angel. You can also categorize the Chase-Down Blocks in this category. Whenever this scenario presented itself in the last three seasons, LeBron viewed it as a barometer of whether he still has it.

James played 37 minutes on Saturday night, the second-best time on the team. That’s absurd, and I know he recently hinted at retiring again, but last week there was a story about him negotiating a three-year contract extension, and I’d offer it if I were the Lakers.

I could see him playing up to 50,000 points and the No. 2 mark in career assists. He’s about 1,200 dimes behind Jason Kidd, and we know he can read a chessboard as well as any other point guard in the history of the game. Congratulations to LeBron James on another milestone. May your remaining seasons be filled with enough statistical achievements to offset the lack of a sixth ring.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, MLS edition

LAFC coach Steve Cherundolo sounded like a true grumble after a 3-0 loss to Real Salt Lake played in a snowstorm on Saturday.

„It was an absolute joke that we had to play today,“ said Cherundolo after the game. „It was one of the worst professional sports events I’ve ever seen in my life. I feel terrible for the players that we put them through that. The game could have and should have been called off. In my opinion, it was an absolute disgrace that we had to play today.“

Uh, I couldn’t disagree more. That’s MLS, what’s the point if not for a spectacle?

I mean, look at that. It’s like beach soccer, but with 3 inches of powder instead of sand. So quit your complaining, Grumble, and enjoy the fact that grown men are getting paid to play in the snow.

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