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Könnten die Seattle Seahawks im Jahr 2024 neue Uniformen bekommen? – SportsLogos.Net-Nachrichten

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According to a now-deleted thread on Reddit, a poster claiming to work as a legal assistant for a Nike branch stated that the Seattle Seahawks will unveil new jerseys before the NFL Draft 2024.

Although we currently cannot verify the claims, the Redditor stated that the uniforms will feature a new shade of blue called „King Blue,“ an obvious nod to their former home stadium, the Kingdome.

The description combines their current design—including Wolf Grey numbers with feather patterns and an Action Green stripe— with the lighter blue shade, as well as several elements from their retro uniforms.

This includes the number font, reflecting their original design, and the wraparound totem-style logo on the sleeves, which is purportedly replicated in the current Seahawks logo.

Allegedly, Seattle will make their alternate pants in Wolf Grey the primary home uniform, but change the feather pattern on the sides from navy blue to „King Blue“ to match the jerseys.

The white road jerseys, as mentioned in the post, will be paired with „King Blue“ pants featuring an Action Green feather pattern on the side, emulating the current navy blue pants of the Seahawks.

Both the home and away jerseys are purportedly complemented by a silver helmet with a „King Blue“ facemask and the current Seattle logo on the sides. There is no second helmet.

This is because, according to the Redditor, the Seahawks will keep their retro jerseys and add a white road version to the rotation. They would simply change stickers and facemasks on the silver lid.

If these claims turn out to be true, this would be the first jersey redesign for the Seahawks since the revamp before the 2012 season and the first by Nike as the official outfitter of the NFL.

It would also end a run of 22 seasons where Seattle’s primary helmet color was a shade of blue, as the franchise switched from silver to Seahawks Blue in 2002, their first year back in the NFC.

We know for sure that the Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, and Houston Texans will unveil new jerseys before the upcoming season, but will the Seahawks join them? We have reached out to the team and hope to report back soon.

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