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Könnte der QB-bedürftige Pittsburgh für Russell Wilson spielen?

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Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson
Foto: Getty Images

In recent years, Russell Wilson’s football career has been less than ideal. After a Hall of Fame career in Seattle, Wilson has ended his time there with a whimper. While he wasn’t terrible, some could see the decline coming, including then-head coach Pete Carroll. The Seahawks sent Wilson to Denver, and after just two seasons with ups and downs, the team is ready to move on. Now, there are rumors that the Pittsburgh Steelers could be a viable option if the Broncos part ways with the nine-time Pro Bowler.

After watching a video in which Wilson tries to sell his services to the Steelers, it’s clear that his time and opportunities are running out. However, this could very well be Wilson’s last chance to start in the NFL. He’s likely still a better option than any quarterback currently on Pittsburgh’s roster. But how much does Russ move the needle when it comes to winning the AFC North and achieving success in the postseason?

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