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Können Probiotika wirklich beim Abnehmen helfen?

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Probiotics for weight loss are among the most commonly used dietary supplements. They have been associated with a variety of positive effects, including improved gut health and a better immune response. Some studies have also linked probiotics to fat loss. However, questions remain about the effectiveness of probiotic supplements when they are widely used. According to an article in Frontiers in Microbiology, probiotics are described as „live microorganisms that, when present in sufficient amounts, bring a benefit to the host.“

Probiotics naturally occur in many foods, and some companies add high doses to others. Supplements containing probiotics contain large amounts of live bacteria, usually lactobacilli with bifidobacteria, which can help improve the function of gut bacteria and overall well-being.

About Probiotics

The main advantage of probiotics is promoting good bacteria and maintaining good health. Should you take a supplement for gut health even if it doesn’t help with weight loss? Experts agree that a good diet comes first, followed by supplements. The primary element in maintaining good gut bacteria is a combination of balanced fat, protein, and carbohydrate products. Although fiber-rich foods are fed to friendly bacteria, they live and thrive. However, a low-fiber diet reduces the number of beneficial bacteria. Research found that harmful bacteria absorbed the proteins and developed by-products associated with an increased risk of colon cancer.

Even though the question of whether probiotics help with weight loss remains unclear, it is obvious that a balanced diet is important. A proper diet will help keep your stomach and your whole body in shape.


Reports suggest that the microbiome affects body weight, and the consumption of probiotics has been associated with lower obesity, fat percentage, and even body mass index.

Although probiotics are commonly used and recommended by medical professionals, there are concerns about their safety. Researchers are unsure how probiotics positively and negatively impact well-being.

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