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Klagen wegen sexueller Belästigung sind für James Dolan nichts Neues

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James Dolan is once again facing legal troubles. His decision to ban lawyers representing a group of ticket resellers who sued the owner of the New York Knicks team – a lawsuit that was dismissed in the spring of 2023 – is currently affecting Madison Square Garden’s alcohol license. A new lawsuit against Dolan accuses him of sexual misconduct and sex trafficking and connects him to convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein.

A woman named Kellye Croft stated in a lawsuit that Dolan had pressured her into having sex against her will according to the New York Times. This allegedly occurred when he and his band JD and the Straight Shot were on tour with the Eagles in 2013. The lawsuit claims that she was hired as a masseuse for Glenn Frey and was allowed to schedule appointments with other clients. She alleges that she repeatedly told Dolan that she did not want to have a sexual relationship with him, but was pressured to do so. She also claims that Dolan invited her to Los Angeles during the early part of 2014 as part of the tour, where she met Weinstein. She alleges that Weinstein invited her to his hotel room and made her feel uncomfortable. After Weinstein left, he allegedly led her to his room and forcibly entered her. According to the lawsuit, Dolan’s call interrupted Weinstein, and he later told her that Weinstein was „a troubled person.“ She is suing Dolan for sex trafficking and both for „sexual coercion and forcible touching.“

Dolan and Weinstein’s lawyers have denied the allegations. Dolan stated that he was unaware of the disgraced Hollywood manager’s crimes and even wrote a song about it. The last time Dolan faced sexual harassment charges was in 2007, which did not end well for him.

In 2006, a jury ruled in favor of Anucha Browne Sanders when she sued Isiah Thomas and MSG for sexual harassment and retaliation. Additionally, the over $11 million she was awarded was to be paid by Madison Square Garden and Dolan personally for creating a hostile work environment and unjustly firing her.

The outcome of this trial not only resulted in a judgment in favor of Browne Sanders but also revealed a toxic culture within the New York Knicks and MSG. A low-level employee named Hassan Gonsalves was fired for sexual harassment after multiple female employees made allegations. Additionally, Madison Square Garden settled a lawsuit with former New York Rangers cheerleader captain Courtney Prince for sexual harassment and retaliation less than a month after Browne Sanders‘ case was resolved.

These should be the bad old days. The times when people like Weinstein operated in the dark but also in the open. Now, over 15 years after Dolan and his company were forced to pay millions in a lawsuit that brought international disgrace to him, MSG, the Knicks, and the Rangers, he is once again named in a lawsuit for sexual misconduct. This time the allegations are against him personally, not just the management of an out-of-control organization.

Ultimately, Dolan cannot keep his company, buildings, teams, and business free from high-profile lawsuits. These all serve as concrete evidence that he has been terrible at his job for a long time.

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