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Kevin Durant antwortet auf Bericht und sagt, er sei „frustriert“

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Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported on Christmas day that members of the Suns organization believed Durant was becoming dissatisfied with the team and its current roster in light of the injuries to Bradley Beal and Devin Booker. According to Wojnarowski, Phoenix needs to „change soon“ to right the ship.

Durant has since shown that he is aware of the report and resulting fan criticism. The highly online-available Suns power forward commented on an Instagram video where a tweet asking „Has Kevin Durant checked out?“ was posted.

„Woj says someone else ‘feels’ I’m frustrated, and that led to me being mentally evaluated,“ Durant wrote in the now-deleted comment. „That’s just crazy, these people will flat out lie and ask shit on my name, and y’all believe it, but when my teammates and coaches talk about how I am as a teammate, y’all ignore it, lol“

The now-deleted comment comes after Durant concluded the Phoenix Christmas Day loss to the Dallas Mavericks with 16 points (a season low), eight rebounds, seven assists, and six turnovers. The ten-time All-NBA forward admitted he needs to improve and that his turnovers „hurt the team.“

This season, Durant is having one of his best offensive years in recent history. His 30.3 points per game would be the second-best of his career and the best since his MVP season in 2013-2014 with the Oklahoma Thunder. He is also averaging 5.5 assists per game, his fourth-highest in his 17-year career. Durant’s 3.6 turnovers per game would also be his highest since 2011-2012.

With a 14-15 record, the Suns are currently half a game away from the Western Conference play-in tournament.

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