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Kann eine einnehmbare Vibrationskapsel Fettleibigkeit bekämpfen?

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Researchers have developed a novel vibrating capsule that signals a postprandial feeling of fullness, reducing food and energy intake in animal studies and slowing weight gain. Known as the „Vibrating Ingestible BioElectronic Stimulator“ (VIBES), the capsule, the size of a large adult multivitamin, is designed to be swallowed before a meal. By stimulating stomach stretch receptors that send signals to the brain via the vagus nerve, the VIBES capsule triggers a feeling of satiety.

In a pig model, the VIBES capsule activated mechanoreceptors, resulting in nearly a 40% reduction in food intake during 108 meals compared to control pigs given a placebo. The research, led by Shriya S. Srinivasan, PhD, from the Harvard University’s Biohybrid Organs and Neuroprosthetics (BIONIC) Lab, suggests that the use of mechanoreceptor biology could revolutionize the treatment of nutritional disorders.

While the concept of inducing a feeling of satiety is not new, the VIBES capsule faces challenges before widespread clinical use, even if successful in human trials. With the growing popularity of other weight-loss medications, acceptance of the capsule may be limited. Combining it with a drug that acts centrally to alter the body’s weight set point may enhance its effectiveness.

Despite being the largest FDA-approved swallowable capsule on the market, concerns about retention and visibility may deter some individuals from using the VIBES capsule. It is likely to be part of the obesity treatment arsenal, potentially with a complementary therapeutic approach to induce weight loss effectively.

Overall, the VIBES capsule has shown promising effects in reducing food intake and weight gain in pigs, offering a new tool in the fight against obesity. Future studies will evaluate its efficacy and safety in human trials, with the hope of providing a cost-effective treatment option for obesity.

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