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Kadarius Toney NFL Super Bowl Brett Favre Bill Belichick

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Bild zum Artikel mit dem Titel Kadarius Toney hätte fast geschwiegen;  Die Wahrheit darüber, dass Bill Belichick nicht eingestellt wurde;  Brett Favre mit einem weiteren wirklich schlechten Aussehen

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The last time we heard from Brett Favre, he was trying to deflect accusations that he knowingly played a role in redirecting funds from the Mississippi Welfare Fund to his favorite project, a volleyball court at his alma mater where (surprise!) his daughter played. In addition to (maybe) repaying his failed profits – we’ll get to that in a moment – Favre has apparently decided that the best way to get the public back on his side is to (check notes) sue sports commentators Pat McAfee and Shannon Sharpe, along with Mississippi state auditor Shad White, for defamation. The lawsuits against McAfee and Sharpe were settled and dismissed, although Favre is appealing the dismissal of his lawsuit against Sharpe. So far, Favre has denied any wrongdoing and has not been charged with any criminal activity. – Julie DiCaro Read more

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