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Junger Myelom-Spezialist macht Fortschritte und gibt etwas zurück

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Ghulam Rehman „Manni“ Mohyuddin, MD, is a young medical oncologist who uses social media to connect with colleagues. He hopes that his efforts to support and inspire trainees at the ASH 2023, the annual conference of the American Society of Hematology (ASH), will help them advance in the field of medicine.

Before the conference in San Diego, Dr. Mohyuddin, a blood cancer specialist focusing on multiple myeloma and medical education, made an appeal on X (formerly Twitter), inviting trainees who are interested in meeting him at #ASH23 to contact him. His offer was well received, and he believes that networking and expanding horizons are key to growth in the field.

Dr. Mohyuddin emphasizes the importance of building supportive, compassionate relationships, which he believes are essential in oncology. He received his medical training at Aga Khan University in Pakistan and completed his residency and fellowship in Internal Medicine at the University of Kansas in Kansas City.

His research focuses on improving patient care in multiple myeloma and exploring the value of different treatment approaches. Dr. Mohyuddin seeks to build relationships with patients and trainees while challenging prevailing norms and critically examining research data.

Through social media, Dr. Mohyuddin shares his thoughts on research quality, hematology/oncology trends, and treatment insights. He is also involved in initiatives like Common Sense Oncology, a global reform effort for cancer research and care, and a consortium to aggregate data on hematological malignancies from South Asian countries.

Dr. Mohyuddin’s ultimate goal is to inspire others to think differently and consider data in new ways to improve patient care. He believes that although there have been significant advancements in myeloma treatment, the reality is that much of what is offered in oncology is marginal. Understanding and interpreting data critically is an area where he hopes to make a significant impact through education.

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