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Josh McCown ist begehrter als Steve Wilks – das ist ein Problem

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Josh McCown has the potential to become an offensive guru and one day lead a team to a Super Bowl victory. In recent years, he has been a highly sought-after candidate in NFL coaching circles. However, McCown’s coaching resume is as thin as the meat Chipotle puts on your burrito. If Steve Wilks is angry, we would understand.

Earlier this week, the Minnesota Vikings announced that they hired McCown as their new quarterbacks coach. He joins Minnesota after spending part of last season in the same role with the Carolina Panthers. Before that, McCown assisted as a coach at the high school level.

McCown’s coaching experience is limited mostly to his time as a high school coach and no significant roles at the college or pro level. Yet, according to ESPN’s Jordan Reid, McCown was a co-coach at the high school where Drake Maye played, creating intrigue about his potential rise in coaching.

However, McCown’s situation is part of the reason why Brian Flores‘ lawsuit against the NFL for alleged racist hiring practices is going to court. Wilks has unfortunately become a symbol, alongside Eric Bieniemy, of how unfairly black coaches are treated in the NFL.

Wilks had brief stints as a head coach and defensive coordinator, facing challenges and being let go despite some improvements. In contrast to McCown, his coaching history is extensive, illustrating the disparities in opportunities for black coaches in the league.

Despite McCown’s lack of coaching experience, teams like the Houston Texans were considering him for a head coaching position, highlighting the inconsistencies in hiring practices. The Texans eventually hired Lovie Smith, another black coach, after Flores dropped his lawsuit against the NFL.

The Vikings have taken a gamble by hiring McCown with his minimal coaching background, raising questions about his ability to develop quarterbacks for a competitive division. McCown’s future remains uncertain, but history suggests that he will quickly find employment elsewhere if his time with the Vikings ends.

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