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Joe Dumars kehrt der NBA-Verteidigung den Rücken

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Joe Dumars, Executive Vice President of the NBA, insists that everything is fine as he stands in front of a fiery explosion of three-point shots. He will also take over the anti-load management. He is a league lackey who must toe the company line when it comes to the state of affairs. However, it would be nice to at least acknowledge the recent criticism that fans, players, and coaches alike have directed at the association.

Joe D’s take on the 65-game cap that will likely cost Tyrese Haliburton a lot of money and mess up end-of-season awards:

„There will always be unintended consequences, that’s the first thing,“ Dumars told Yahoo Sports on Wednesday. „Second of all, you kind of knew that it would be an issue for the first couple of guys near the mark. So it was probably going to become a conversation at some point. It might have been a month from now. The number is what the number is. I’m not surprised [though].“

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And that’s exactly what Dumars did this week. Technically, it’s what he’s paid to do, but at least add a few qualifiers or tell us that the Bad Boy Pistons wouldn’t let the guys go for 40, let alone 60. Something other than a heaping serving of PR spin.

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