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James Harden ohne Bart | James Harden Kein Bart (GIF)

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James Harden ohne Bart
James Harden ohne Bart

Upon looking at James Harden without a beard, it’s clear why he decided to grow one.

What on earth did we ever do before GIFs? Harden’s beard looks so lifelike, you could swear it’s a living creature.

Take a look at this beard GIF of James Harden, detailing the growth of the most famous facial hair in the NBA and possibly in the world of sports.

And yes, I’m including former Los Angeles Dodgers relief pitcher Brian Wilson in that statement, even though you’ve probably forgotten about him.

In fact, the strangest beard in all of sports probably belongs to Ohio State Football coach Ryan Day. It looks like he glued a muskrat to his chin and dyed it with motor oil.

Harden’s beard has only gotten stranger (described in detail here by Yahoo), to the point where it now resembles an overgrown jungle canopy.

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Meanwhile, Harden’s beard is 100% natural and has no beard PEDs, something his MLB counterparts can hardly claim.

As his beard has taken shape, so has Harden’s fake hawk’s head, giving him a head shape that most of us would be proud to call our own.

Somewhere in here, there’s a „Samson“ joke, as the longer Harden let his beard grow, the more success he found in his NBA career.

EXCEPT in the playoffs, when James Harden switches to his alter ego James Soften every year:

With his beard, Harden set a new standard of style. And in the following years, he has developed fashionable/peculiar clothing and outfits that only Cam Newton truly appreciates.

Interestingly, the realm of beards actually belongs to Harden. Name another NBA player with a notable beard? Or even facial hair.

In this mix, one must consider Anthony Davis of the Lakers and his unibrow, which he has literally trademarked as his signature. The Birdman Chris Anderson had a beard for a while. As did Dirk Nowitzki. But that’s about it.

But you know what’s not over yet? James Harden’s career.

Since forcing his way out of Philadelphia through a trade to the Clippers, the former little brother of NBA basketball teams, the Clippers are currently one game outside of the number 1 spot in the Western Conference.

Harden discussed his seat at the Clippers as early as November, a hot topic after the trade, infamously stating, „I’m not a system player, I am the system player.“

Harden is averaging 34 mpg, marking the lowest since his time with the OKC Thunder.

But he is contributing across the board with 17/8/5/1 and hitting a career-high of 40% on three-pointers.

And most importantly and surprisingly, the partnership with Russell Westbrook (instead of sulking) has exceeded all expectations except their own.

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