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James Harden fand ein Restaurant, das bereit war, seinen Wein zu führen

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Are you looking for traditional flavors with a Japanese flair, a stunning lounge with a live DJ, bowling lanes, an exotic hookah, a nightclub, and unlimited J. Harden Wine Prosecco all in one convenient, stylish one-stop shop? Look no further than Thirteen Houston, the new restaurant venture by James Harden.

As the only wine critic brave enough to review/incorporate the J. Harden Cab Sav, I long for a tasting menu of Beard-inspired dishes with a Far Eastern twist.

Just take a look at this description on the website:

„Thirteen Houston skillfully combines traditional flavors with a Japanese flair, upscale dining, and a great time. From our ultra-modern restaurant and terrace to our stunning lounge with live DJ, exotic hookah, and innovative drinks, Thirteen is sure to please you. We also offer a unique nightclub, better known as ‚The Basement‘, with spacious areas and a private section featuring two bowling lanes and a private bar. We’ve taken the concept of upscale dining and made it our own; #TheThirteenExperience.“

Apart from the unnecessary semicolon, what I love most when checking out celebrity-endorsed restaurants is guessing which dishes are named after the namesake’s claims. In this case, it’s definitely the Thirteen Wings, six wings drenched in Jerk sauce, Jerk seasoning, and pineapple pico. The other dish is the Millionaire’s Sando: braised beef, pan-seared Hudson Valley foie gras, Shokupam, truffle mayo, caviar, and shaved black truffle.

The wings stood out like a zebra in a pen of hot apps. Dumplings, bao buns, wings? Oh, I know that. I’ve played „which one is not like the others“ before.

The Millionaire’s Sando was only slightly more challenging. It’s one of those dishes that high-end restaurant owners put on the menu for excess reasons. Think of it as the culinary equivalent of Michael Scott’s loaded pretzel. I’m honestly a bit shocked that lobster wasn’t stuffed in there.

As much as I’d love to comment on the atmosphere, I can’t because I don’t know how close the live DJ and exotic hookah are to the dining area. Nothing screams class more than a beautiful salmon tiradito accompanied by flavored hookah smoke and house music. I guess G/O Media just has to send me to Houston to experience the full #ThirteenExperience.

The Original Night Night Bash

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou decided to test his luck in the squared circle against Anthony Joshua after giving Tyson Fury everything he had in his boxing debut. For Francis, the result this time was far less impressive.

Phew! If only all wannabe boxers could be exposed in this way against a trained professional.

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