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Jaguars wollen, dass FanDuel gestohlene 20 Millionen Dollar erstattet: Bericht

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According to ESPN, the Jacksonville Jaguars want FanDuel to refund them some or all of the approximately $20 million that former employee Amit Patel stole and used on the website, but the gambling company is refusing. reported ESPN.

Patel, who pleaded guilty to wire fraud and illegal money transfers, received the money through a virtual credit card system that Jacksonville intended to use for its expenses. Sources told ESPN that Patel lost $20 million from daily fantasy and sports betting on FanDuel, and around $1 million on DraftKings. He transferred the funds directly from the credit card system to the popular sports betting company.

„As they (FanDuel) see it… we received this money fair and square,“ said the source. „It’s not our problem that we have to give it back to you.“

The Jags said they were unaware of the scheme until FanDuel informed them that some bets of undisclosed value had been placed in Tennessee. They were also informed of Patel’s theft by the NFL.

„Gambling sites are required to perform anti-money laundering procedures and know your customer to ensure they are not attracting funds of illegal origin,“ said Stephen Bell, an attorney specializing in white-collar crime, to ESPN. „When a customer’s level of wagering far exceeds their income, warning signs are present and should require additional due diligence to confirm the funds are clean.“

Back in December, Patel’s lawyer, Alex King, said that as his client’s losses began to mount, he used the VCC program to subsidize them.

„It started small and, as so often happens, completely got out of control,“ King told The Athlete. in a phone interview.

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