Home Sport Ist Bill Belichicks Gap Year eine nachträgliche Sperre für Spygate?

Ist Bill Belichicks Gap Year eine nachträgliche Sperre für Spygate?

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The New England Patriots dynasty ended when Tom Brady went to Tampa Bay, but it’s officially over now as the Pats‘ run gains steam in the treatment for The Last Dance. Just one season after Bill Belichick’s departure, Apple+ has announced a nine-part series The Dynasty coming out whenever. What they won’t tell you in this documentary (I suspect) is the real reason why the Hoodie is currently unemployed.

A few weeks ago, I wrote that NFL franchises were pressuring Belichick because he’s an idiot. Mainly to tease the Hall of Fame coach, but also because I couldn’t believe that no owner wanted to make a move. It’s impossible. We’re talking about the league with the most turnover of any sports league.

However, I overlooked a distinct possibility: Is this season’s delay a wink-and-nod suspension from Roger Goodell for Spygate? Think about it. It’s very similar to Michael Jordan’s mysterious break from basketball.

There’s a commissioner trying to save face for the league, a touch of intrigue, a scandal about a key cog in a dynasty, and a strange suspension.

The difference is that Goodell probably told Belichick that he needs to take a year off once he’s done in Foxborough, not knowing that the run would last another 15 seasons. This gap year is just Belichick’s penance for outsmarting the Jets, Rams, and all the other franchises he „outwitted“ New England for a couple of decades.

Goodell busted the tapes because he’s an idiot, and that happened before he realized he could be utterly foolish and get away with it. The move also led to the festering wound of the Belichick-Brady Patriots infecting the AFC like a plague.

The acting interim imbecile that he is, took delight in the spread of growth and worked with the NFL and Robert Kraft to build the most enduring and polarizing team in the history of the league. Deflategate? More of a sleight of hand to „motivate“ New England to another pair of Lombardis.

If Belichick shows interest in managing a Triple-A club, we’ll surely know it.

Dumb and Dumber Looks Great

Did you know they are making another iteration of Dumb and Dumber franchise? I didn’t either, but the people they’ve cast as replacements for Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are so True Detective level dumb.

Ah yes, here are Aaron Rodgers and Robert Kennedy Jr. moments after staring directly into the sun. I hope one of these idiots gets bitten by a rabid raccoon, and they’re far enough from civilization and a tetanus shot for it to be fatal.

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