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INTEGRA Biosciences senkt Transportemissionen mit europäischer Produktionsanlage

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INTEGRA Biosciences has completed the construction of its new campus and production facility for pipette tips at its headquarters in Zizers, Switzerland. The production facility will help the company drastically reduce its transportation emissions, aligning with its long-term sustainability goals.

In 2022, transportation of raw materials and products accounted for 44% of INTEGRA’s CO2 emissions. Approximately 75% of this came from transporting GRIPTIPS® pipette tips from the production site in the USA to subsidiaries and distributors worldwide. The construction of the second production site for pipette tips in Zizers was completed in December 2023, eliminating the need to ship pipette tips from the USA to European customers and reducing transportation emissions by an estimated 26%.

All additional buildings on the expanded Zizers campus were designed with sustainability in mind. The new buildings feature a range of environmentally friendly features, low energy consumption, and a 3000 m² rooftop photovoltaic system for electricity generation.

The heat generated by the pipette tip molding plant and fossil fuel-free heat pumps is also used to heat the campus. Additionally, 1625 m² of roof space are seeded with 50 species of native wildflowers to support local biodiversity.

“We are committed to a proactive and company-wide approach to sustainability. Producing GRIPTIPS in Europe is a significant step towards reducing our carbon footprint and achieving our corporate emission reduction goals.”

Ursula Leuthold, Sustainability Coordinator for INTEGRA Biosciences

Visit the INTEGRA Biosciences website to learn more.

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