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In England streiken junge Ärzte diesen Monat fünf Tage lang

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LONDON (Reuters) – The British Medical Association (BMA) announced on Friday that junior doctors in England will be going on a five-day strike from February 24 to 28 as part of a long-standing dispute over pay.

Representing approximately 50,000 junior doctors, the BMA stated that they are calling for a full walkout after the government failed to present an improved salary offer.

„We have made every effort to work with the government to find a fair resolution to this dispute while avoiding strike action,“ said the co-chairs of the BMA’s junior doctor committee, Robert Laurenson and Vivek Trivedi, in a statement.

Junior doctors in the publicly funded British National Health Service (NHS) are qualified medical practitioners, often with years of experience, who work under the supervision of senior doctors and form a significant part of the medical community.

British Health Minister Victoria Atkins stated that the recent strikes show the union’s unwillingness to be reasonable.

„Five days of action will put tremendous pressure on the NHS and does not reflect the spirit of constructive dialogue,“ Atkins said in a statement.

The government, which has reached new pay agreements with other healthcare workers in recent months, has resisted increases that are said to exacerbate inflation.

(Reporting by Farouq Suleiman and Sachin Ravikumar; Editing by Sarah Young)

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