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IDIOT DES JAHRES: Noch mehr Idioten

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Dillon Brooks‘ success is supposed to be based on his aggressive defense and ability to hit open three-pointers. However, in recent years in Memphis, their supposed 3-and-D wing has been a level 0 shooter who has resorted to silly antics to keep up on defense. In his preseason debut against the Indiana Pacers, Brooks demonstrated the depth of his idiocy by reverting to the familiar role of nut tapping.

After being warned for a defensive foul seconds earlier during the Rockets‘ preseason opener in October, Brooks was ejected again for a blatant 2-tech after forcefully hitting Daniel Theis in the groin while attempting to run through his screen. It’s a move Brooks has tried before. Most NBA players and professional boxers manage to go their entire careers without unnecessary hits below the belt. Even worse, he still refused to take responsibility for his clownish behavior.

„I might have tapped him below the waist, but he got up so quickly. I don’t know. It’s strange how every time this happens to me, I get teased. I think it’s part of my reputation,“ Brooks told the media afterwards.

Brooks had plenty to say about the Lakers and LeBron James in April, especially before falling 1-3 in the opening round of the playoffs and eventually losing 2-4 to James. Like many people in the age of social media, Brooks feels he can talk trash and it validates him because he plays on the world’s biggest basketball stage.

No one is suggesting that Brooks, or the Grizzlies in general, should be afraid of any player or team, but when you’re preparing to face a guy like LeBron, you better be ready to back it up. Not that James is above reproach, but you can’t talk like Brooks did in this series and perform on the court the way he did. If you’re going to run your mouth continuously, the least you can do is shoot better than 22 percent from the three-point range.

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